Copa Mx: This is how we live the minute by minute of Copa MX Wednesday

Thank you very much for joining us this afternoon of Copa MX. we wait for you in future confrontations. See you soon!


90 ‘END THE PARTY! Good start of the MX Cup champion; defeats Dorados and leaves him virtually out of the tournament

89 ‘MONTERREY GOOOOOOOOOL! Carlos Sánchez marks the triumph for Rayados

81 ‘Yellow Card! Elio Castro de Dorados is booked.

79 ‘Dorados change! Fausto Pinto leaves and Jesús Angulo comes in.

78 ‘CERCA DORADOS! Great save by the keeper who saved the fall of the Liga MX team when he had won the draw.

74 ‘RAYADOS GOOOOOOOOOOL! Julio César Cruz finishes in the area to equalize the match

67 ‘Change of Dorados!Gabriel Alejandro Hachen comes out and Josepablo Monreal comes in.

66 ‘Dorados change! Jorge José Ibarra comes out and Elio Castro comes in.

65 ‘Change Monterrey! Jesús Eduardo Zavala leaves and Josué Misael Domínguez enters.

61 ‘GOOOAAAL DE DORADOS! Vinicio César Angulo finishes off in the area

46 ‘PLAY THE SECOND TIME! Dorados and Monterrey will search for the three points in 45 minutes

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Héctor Moreno: “This team has great conditions to do something historic”

Matías Almeyda: “I wanted three players, the leadership knew and we could not”

45 ‘END THE FIRST TIME! A first time with too many hits and very few emotions

41 ‘HE IS RIPPED!Great arrival of Dorados that seriously demands the goalkeeper of Monterrey and the match stays tied due to the great save.

36 ‘Dorados shot! Jorge Ibarra in free kick sent his shipment over the goal of Rayados!

28 ‘YELLOW CARD! César Montes de Monterrey is booked. It is the second that is painted in yellow of the Rayados

24 ‘YELLOW CARD! Juan Manuel Álvarez de Monterrey is booked

20 ‘OUT OF PLACE OF GOLD! Few emotions at the moment in the Banorte stadium

7 ‘FIRST OUT OF PLACE OF THE MATCH! Rayados is the first to look for the opposite goal

0 ‘START THE MATCH! It is already played in the Fishbowl

0 ‘In the north, Dorados and Rayados come out as follows:

Wolves BUAP 2-0 Pumas


90 ‘END!Two goals in the final minutes give the victory to Lobos over the Cougars

88 ‘ANOTHER INJURY TO PUMAS! Despite not having changes, Aspirilla leaves the field of play after a play where, like Rodrigo González, he hurt himself. The Auriazules are left with ten.

87 ‘GOOOAAAL LOBOS BUAP! Irven Ávila controls the ball from the midfield and calmly defines for the second

85 ‘GOOOAAAL DE LOBOS BUAP! Head of Juan Carlos Sancho and already has the advantage

82 ‘Yellow Card! Alfonso Sánchez de Lobos BUAP is booked

80 ‘¡Cambio de Lobos BUAP! Cesar Eduardo Cercado leaves and Irving Mauro Zurita enters.

76 ‘Change of UNAM! Néstor Calderón comes out and Juan José Miguel enters.

74 ‘Yellow Card!Néstor Calderón from UNAM is booked

64 ‘Change of Lobos BUAP! Luis Olascoaga comes on and Arley Rodriguez enters.

63 ‘A great move in the area of ​​Lobos BUAP! Pumas is on top looking for the goal that gives him the advantage

57 ‘OUT OF PLACE OF THE BUAP! In the last minutes, both Pumas and Lobos have made a lot of fouls, the game has stopped a lot in the second half.

47 ‘NEW PUMAS! Robles shot that stays in the hands of Vilalpando

46 ‘PLAY THE COMPLEMENT! Pumas barely touched the ball and disturbs the area of ​​Lobos

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Robert Herrera: “Lobos is a very difficult team, we know about the last tournament”

Cuauhtémoc Blanco: “Against Pumas you can not lose”

Paul Aguilar, discarded for a match against Pumas

45 ‘FINISH THE FIRST PART!Both teams have tried, but at the moment everything is still tied to zero goals.

41 ‘PUMAS CLOSE! The Auriazules try to neutralize the Meritorious attack. Round-trip game.

33 ‘INSISTS LOBOS! Shot lycanthrope passing by one side

24 ‘SHOOTING THE ARCHER! Atento the Pumas goalkeeper before the dangerous arrival by the band on the left of Lobos

14 ‘A dangerous move in the area of ​​Lobos BUAP! The Pumas try to take control of the ball and the game

7 ‘Change of UNAM! Rodrigo González leaves and Diego Rodríguez enters.

5 ‘TERRIBLE INJURY! What a bad luck for Rodrigo González; the player is practically injured alone and his knee moves strangely. Hopefully it is not dangerous.

4 ‘Out of place of Lobos BUAP!The local team looks for the opposite goal from the beginning

0 ‘RUEDA EL BALÓN EN PUEBLA! Pumas visits Lobos in the second duel of the night in the Copa MX

0 ‘This is how the two university squads will come to the stadium

0’ The Pumas have already arrived at the stadium the Benémerita Autonomous University of Puebla

Querétaro 3-1 Morelia

90 ‘END THE PARTY! Los Gallos prevail 3-1 at Morelia at home

89 ‘Yellow Card! Roberto Meraz de Morelia is booked.

84 ‘GOOOOLAAAAAZZZZOOO DE YERSON CANDELO! The Colombian hits from outside the area and places it in the upper right corner; nothing to do for the Purépecha goalkeeper

79 ‘Change from Morelia! Bryan Alfredo Alvarez enters and Oliver Norato enters.

63 ‘GOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!The reinforcement of Gallos is just released in its first minutes with his snow beach

60 ‘Change Queretaro! Edgar Benítez and Everaldo Stum leave; enters Paolo Yrizar and Matías Britos respectively.

56 ‘Changes in Morelia! Gastón Adrián Lezcano and Rodrigo Javier Millar enter Fernando Ortíz and Salvador Reyes respectively.

48 ‘OUT OF PLACE! Morelia looked for the second but is surprised on the outside.

46 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Morelia surprises with Emanuel Loeschbor finishes inside the area and defeating the goalkeeper

46 ‘Change Queretaro! Jaime Gómez comes out and George Corral enters.

46 ‘START THE SECOND TIME!Actions are resumed at the La Corregidora Stadium

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45 ‘END THE FIRST PART! Partial victory for Gallos Blancos 1-0 over Morelia

41 ‘OUT OF PLACE OF MORELIA! Visitors press at these moments; they want the tie

39 ‘YELLOW CARD! Jaime Gómez de Querétaro is booked

38 ‘SAVE GALLOS! Great reaction from the Queretan goalkeeper that keeps things in the lead.

30 ‘Queretaro goal shot! Edson Puch takes the ball and delivers a powerful shot that goes over the Morelia goal.

21 ‘GOOOAAAL DE GALLOS!Certero header from Pajaro Benítez that beat Urbina and the local wins by the minimum.

14 ‘Yellow Card! Bryan Alfredo Álvarez de Morelia is booked by a strong player

7 ‘Away from Gallos Blancos! The Queretaro begins to move the ball in the area of ​​Morelia

0 ‘Initial whistle!Start the game in the Corregidora.

0 ‘Know the alignments of the match


Cafetaleros 2-1 LeónMineros 0-1 SantosNecaxa 5-0 ZacatepecVeracruz 0-2 TampicoCruz Azul 1-3 PueblaPachuca 0-1 San Luis


After six matches played on Tuesday, the Copa MX continues its activities of day 2 of the group stage, where six teams will close the date and then worry about the activity they will have during the weekend in the League and the Ascent. MX.

At 7:00 pm, Queretaro vs. Morelia will jump on the court; Later, at 20:30 Lobos will do the honors to Pumas and the day will close at Banorte, when Dorados and Monterrey will measure up at 21:00.