The US Open is finally playing, Djokovic in the semi-final against Federer

NEW YORK. Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal fought for the quarter-finals of singles at the US Open grandslam tournament.

The defending champion won Arthur Asha in the eighth place in the 7th (2), 6: 1 and 6: 2 sets in the two legs of Gilles Muller. Duel on Wednesday in the first set at 0: 3 from Nadal’s view interrupted for the rain.

At the start of the quarter-finals, Nadal settled to 4: 4 and forced himself into a mystery where he clearly dominated when he allowed Muller to play only one ball. Since the beginning of the second act, Spaniel has dominated the yard, handed quality and returned, and the often unprovoked attacks of the Luxemburg have been rigidly punished by successful accusations.

After a move between the elite eight, Nadal thanked the spectator. “Thank you for coming and encouraging me.Yesterday it was a difficult day for everyone. I know that you really wanted to see high-quality tennis, but conditions were dangerous, so we refused to continue the match. Courts have been sprawled after the rain and the risk of injury is too great. I am glad that the weather has woken up today and we could have played the game, “Nadal said. Nadal has taken the triumph over the Luxemburg at Roland Garros in Paris, in a semi-final match against the winner of the American Andy Roddick meeting David Murray, Murray’s other quarterback singer British singer Andy Murray has become another quarter-finisher of male singles.The finalist of Flushing Meadows in 2008, in the eight-finals of the fourth set, coached Donaldom Young with home-made American smoothly in three sets 6: 2, 6: 3 and 6: 3.

The match in the middle was interrupted by a 2: 1 Murray in the first rain set and was not played until Thursday. The native of Scotland, Dunblane, against Lukáš Lack, Slovak surrogate, confirmed the role of a paper favorite, made a minimum of unforgivable mistakes and surpassed the opponent in particular on the return.

In a duel for the semifinals, Murray heads against the American bomber John Isner, who defeated the Frenchman Gilles Simon in the eight sets in 7: 6 (2), 3: 6, 7: 6 : 6 (4). Andy Murray.Photo – SITA / AP Roddick eliminated tournament five

Domestic tennis player Andy Roddick set as the twenty-first has become a quarterfinist of men’s singles. In the match of the eighth-round 4th round, he beat David Ferrerom, a spade of 6: 3, 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 3.

Roddick manko was 2: 3 with a break, but with a series of four gems he had won, he was out of control. He resigned to zero, finishing with a point directly from the filing.

The eighth duel of these 29-year-old peasants, the first-ever “big squad”, was originally scheduled to take place on Tuesday, with the weather on Wednesday, and a quarterback rebound began in a 3: 1 Former leader of the world ranking Roddick (now 21.Position).

The American had a 4: 2 lead when the players left the court at Louis Armstrong Stadium for leaking water at one of the baselines. Finally, the organizers moved the sequel to court no. 13.

Local champion of the 2003 season Roddick is down 4: 5 in the statistics of Ferrerom (5th) and revans for July 6: 7 (9), 5: 7, 3: 7 from “his” Texas Austin will measure forces with another Spanish Rafael Nadal. Against the defender’s trophy he has a negative balance of 3: 6, but “harde” is 3: 3.

The winner of the 30 Roddick tournaments was last in the quarterfinals at Flushing Meadows in the 2008 season, last year’s second round. Larry Stefanki Roddick’s victorious triumph at the US Open in 2000 in the boys’ competition.Only he and the Swede Stefan Edberg achieved double successes between juniors and seniors. Andy Roddick. Photo – SITA / AP

Chronologically the last quarter-finisher of the men’s singles, domestic lord John Isner (206 cm) became the twenty-eighth.

This “master es” (now 26) has consulted with Frenchman Gilles Simon, the 7th event, in their 219-minute premiere in 7: 6 (2), 3: 6, 7: 6 (2), 7: 6 (4).

Among the top eight in the Flushing Meadows site, Craig Boynton Isner (22nd) checks the strength with Brit Andy Murray. Against the “spider” four and the ATP retirement score is 0: 2.

The 26-year-old Greensboro Isner has improved his local and overall personal greatest achievement at the “Big Four” level: in the eighth finals he was on the US Open 2009 and the Australian Open 2010.This season has so far been its maximum on so-called. Majors 3rd Round in Melbourne. He currently pulls a string of 9 victories, which means a personal record.

The winner of the Winstone-Saleme Isner Preliminary Tournament has a 33:19 thirty-three tiebreak this season, an entire career of 119: 68. Zverenec Thierry Tulasna Simon (12th in the rating) dropped in this direction at 12:14, respectively. 69:69. The French, who was already the sixth in the ranking, had 11 successes from the other 12 races with the Americans, but this time he trailed for a shorter end.Djokovic is the first semi-finisher

The ATP retirement unit and Serbian tournament Novak Djokovic played quarterback with compatriot Jank Tipsarevic, who gave up in the fourth session for problems with his femoral muscles.

The first two hundreds were totally balanced, and their decision was made by only the secrets that colleagues from the daviscup team shared.

Tipsarevic had a 2-0 lead in the first set and had two runners to secure the lead. He did not play and then played 2: 5. He made a remarkable turn to 6: 5 (for the 11th.The game scored from 0:40), but he did not manage to pay for the set and in the secret he was killing for it.

In the second part the outsider escaped to 3: 0, and after a while it was 3: 3, Tipsarevic finally forced this deed into another secret.

In the third part, however, Djokovic rebounded to 5-0. The opponent then left his left thigh and, after collecting the “canary,” he headed to the dressing room.

Even after returning to the court, he was unable to stop his favorite onslaught, but Djokovic also left a physiotherapist for the left foot care painter, who painfully “nudged” as part of the electrifying exchange with traditional testimonies.Ultimately, however, it seemed nothing more serious.

On the other hand, 27-year-old Tipsarevic took his glasses after the third game of the fourth set and handed his hand to his colleague from the successful last team’s Davis Cup team.

Twenty-four-year-old Djokovic fought in the semifinals of one of the Grandslamas sixth time in a row. This event was in 2007 and last year’s finals. Last year in the match for the trophy was not enough to Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic will meet with Roger Federer vs Jo-Wilfried Tsong in the semifinals, with the French two winning two of these two teams’ two-way duel.

One of them falls under Wimbledon, where the robust Tsong turned from 0: 2 to sets and moved to the semifinals. If he could win at the US Open, he would balance Baltimore with Federer to 4: 4.Novak Djokovic.Foto – SITA / AP Djokovic to play against Federer for the fifth consecutive year, in the eighth semifinal Five years in a row, Serbian Novak Djokovic and Swiss Roger Federer meet in the US Open semifinals.

Djokovic, in the opening quarter-finals of singles at the final grandslam tournament of the year as an assembled unit, advised his compatriot and good friend Jankom Tipsarevic, who played 6: 7 (2), 7: 6 : 6, 0: 3 and 15:30 in the fourth sut he screamed for the pain in his right foot.

Federer in the position of the five-time Flushing Meadows champion and the set troika moved to his eighth New York semi-final.

Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsong won the quarterfinals 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 3 and retired to his opponent this year’s Wimbledon and Masters 1000 tournament in Montreal.Federer has a 3-1 draw with Djokovic at the US Open. In 2007, he won the finals, in 2008 and 2009 in the semifinals. However, last year, he drew in a semifinals match with the current world unit for a shorter end in the striking five-act battle, in which he did not use two mechbals. Swiss is cautious

Federer has met with Tsong on a great duel against Argentinean Juan Monaco, immediately broke the introduction to French and got on a horse.

During the 3: 2 and 0:15 rounds, the half-round match was interrupted for rain, but Federer’s break did not make any difference, even after returning to the court. The Grandslam recorder was greatly served and returned, and in long exchanges from the base line he often ended up winning forhendmi.Following the process between the elite quartet, Federer was shining with satisfaction.

“I’ve played a super game and it’s great to keep going and I’m very happy with my play at this year’s US Open and the move around the yard, I’m really enjoying it on the court. Tsong I have to play the most concentrated game during the whole game, and in the third match at the rivals’ brejkbale, I was reminded of the memory of our Wimbledon duel in which I did not use a 2-0 lead on the sets. Said Federer, who is already looking forward to another fight with Djokovic.

“In our last round match at the Roland Garros semi-finals, I have managed to overcome Novak, but it is difficult to say whether this will be a psychological advantage to me and whether this victory will help me.In Paris, I played the best match in the semifinals in the semifinals, it was really exceptional. I hope that I’ll repeat this performance on Saturday in New York, “added Federer, who was preparing for this year’s Djokovic to win this year’s US Open, men:

Andy Murray (V. Brit.) – Donald Young (USA) 6: 2, 6: 3, 6: 3 Rafael Nadal (2-Spades) Gilles Muller 7: 6 (1) 6: 2: 6 (2), 7: 6 (4)

John Isner (28-USA) – Gilles Simon (12- Andy Roddick (21-USA) – David Ferrer (5-sp) 6: 3, 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 3 quarterfinals: Novak Djokovic -1) – Janko Tipsarevič (Serbian-20) 7: 6 (2), 6: 7 (3), 6: 0, 3: 0 – retired Tipsarevic

Roger Federer (3- ) – Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (11-Feb) 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 3