SUBCAST: Preview of Thirteenth Playing Day

The base part is coming to an end and today’s podcast shows the last four games to be played in E and F.

The biggest pressure lies in favoring Portugal, which can not lose in a duel with Hungary, otherwise the championship will start to say good-bye. Austria, Sweden or Ireland must win at all costs.

This time, you will also be accompanied by Tomáš Daníček and Marek Ustohal, two permanent moderators of Euro-football podcasts. Most of the tournaments were discussed this time together, only the match between Italy and Ireland was replaced by Ustyho Martin Urbánek Bianconero .

Ireland needs Squadra Azzur to beat.The same applies to the Swedes against Belgium, who may even use their icon of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at least in the last match.

In group F the situation is more complicated – only the Hungarians have a certain procedure, the remaining teams continue to win in the event of victory.The worst are the Austrians who have to conquer Iceland at all costs.


• Preview: Iceland – Austria : 55)
– Dragović as the point of contact of the Austrian defensive?
– Alaba on unnatural position

• Preview: Hungary – Portugal (15:00 – 28:30)
– Portugal – The most dominant team in the fall?

stronger than right

Epic Center Epic:

• Preview: Italy – Ireland (28:35 – 39:10)
– What did the Italians not do against Sweden? Right wing wand for the wounded Candreva

Epic Center of the Match: Prepares for the Absence of Italy for All Creativity

Preview: Belgium – Sweden (39:15 – 52:15) > – The last leg of legend Ibrahimovic?
– Does Wilmots Wake Up?

Meunier’s first purely extreme defender

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