Sound articulation gymnastics

Wool, foam, paper
Cotton wool and foam is fun to blow, trying to move forward. These exercises can be turned into a real game. For example, sigmacare a small piece of paper – it will be a ball. Put on a smooth surface (on the table), two conditional gates and play football, trying to blow the ball into the opponent’s net. Can be used not only cotton, foam and paper, let the baby try to blow on various objects around.

Sound articulation exercises. Onomatopoeia
In addition to the development of the speech apparatus, such games and even introduce children to animals. Prepare cards with pictures of different animals or illustrations in magazines, books, or pick up toys-animals. Consider all the animals and talk about them, tell us who, says, eat, etc. Go to the zoo, listen to animal sounds on the Internet, let the child observes and remembers.

After some time, show your baby the same animals again and ask, as they say (the crow caws, “CAW, CAW”, the elephant trumpets “Tu-u” roaring donkey “Eeyore”, etc.).

Pull sounds
The rules of this game are simple, but children love to play it with their parents. Choose a particular sound, collect full lungs of air and begin to pull the sound (for a long time to talk without interruption). Who will last longer? It is clear that baby! You don’t forget to play along with the little child? Easier to pull vowels, but some consonants are also worth a try, for example, whistling and hissing.

The game can be diversified, offering not just pull the sound, and add game time, “Whose tiger will proficit longer (the sound” R “? Whose snake prosodic longer (the sound” S “? We came in the store, and there is a real elephant! How will we be surprised ? And who is surprised longer (the sound “O”?

This game will develop not only speech, but also hearing. It needed a toy – a doll, bear and the like. Put the toy to sleep, explain to your kid that the toy is asleep, so you need to talk in a whisper, not to Wake the other. Talk about something, read the poems, stories, ask the kid what he understood and remembered. But do not tighten, the game is not tired, declare that the toy woke up and now I can again speak loudly.

Children are weak and defenseless members of society: they are not able in full force to fend for themselves, completely dependent on adults and lack freedom of choice. In the world of adults is a day when taken at official level to take care of young citizens and give them to understand that they are the most precious possession of mankind.

Not to mention the criminal aspects of the crimes against children set out in the codes and laws, you should pay attention to the protection of their interests, which are in the competence of their loved ones.

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