Lintner: The hockey player in our country is such a macher that he does not have to do anything else

“Not bad enough. When we take hockey players, footballers and other athletes who have finished ten or fifteen years ago, and look at where they are and how they deal with their lives, we will find that many of those stories are not very happy. “

> “The problem is that the end comes from day to day, the lifestyle changes completely. The athlete is often on the go and there is a lot of good time with the family. I do not mean to mention, but I can see that family problems are often coming to an end after a career. From day to day, regular financial income will end and the next thing is health, many injuries will begin to be reported after a career.It is also betraying that athletes end up at the age of forty, which is the most active age in the ordinary life. Man loses most of the thrombi he had. It’s very demanding for a psyche. “

” There is a trend in us that young boys who do not have family or children yet get bad habits. “Yes, last year I talked to two boys in Trenčín last year to go to college for a long time. I was very proud and thanked now. Even if the school did not end up being the one who helped them to work, they would get the habits that make the professional sport dull. “

” To spend leisure time in foreign languages, especially English.This will be useful for them when they leave abroad. And it’s one of the biggest freerolls that have hockey players after their career – an active foreign language experience and language. They can use it. “

” Somebody else is just playing hockey and doing nothing more. There is very little potential for this. You need to get contacts, have eyes and ears open. It is also important to find non-famous acquaintances, such as businessmen, to go for a beer and listen to how they work. This is also a preparation for life after a career. You can get the confidence of interesting people. Everyone can learn something and then use it. Activity creates a lot of opportunities. Just because I met people and talked to them, I’ve already got a lot of offers. “