I believe Zeman will save us. And I do not want to disappoint him, says Hušbauer

“I’m glad to be able to work with him now,” Husbauer told the website of his agent, Ondrej Chovance. “He wanted me to join the club last summer, maybe two times we talked on the phone. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but when it all reopened in winter, it was again thanks to Mr. Zeman’s initiative. But then he finished, and when I came to Cagliari, there was Mr. Zola. “

Zeman has an excellent coaching fame, according to a midfielder who hosts Sparta in Italy. “He is experienced and I believe he will save us. I will try not to disappoint him and I hope that I will get a better chance under him.”In the middle of January, Cagliari played the opening half-time of the lost duel with Parma, but for Serie A premiere, Hushbauer waited until Saturday when he entered At the final quarter-hour against Sampdoria Genoa (0: 2).

“I was glad to have played for a while, I waited a long time. But I came there for the last fifteen minutes and five minutes after I went to the lawn, we got red. But even so I tried to be at least on the balloon and I tried to play, “Hushbauer described his league debut.

He did not sit on the bench due to lack of physics. “It was written in Bohemia that I was badly conditioned, but it was not so true.After a few days I was completely cool. Even coach Zola said he would give me that chance before, but there were no results and he did not want to reach the set. Rather, he tried to make it somewhat stable. Unfortunately, it did not bring success, “said a 24-year-old midfielder.

Sardinia is still experiencing a new environment and language. “I’ve been here for two months, and I’m gonna give something up together, but I’d like to talk to boys about family, it’s not like that yet. I learn vocabulary, I try to listen a lot, and besides, I have more hours over Skype with a teacher from Bohemia, “he said.” Cagliari hopes to win under Zeman and gets out of eighteenth position . “We are on the first descent rung.At Atalanta, which is ahead of us, we lose four points, at sixteenth Chievo six. We have twelve rounds to finish and we have to win. Now we have Empoli at home, and we need to beat him. I believe we can do it with coach Zeman, “added Hušbauer.